Thursday, December 9, 2010

Door Hardware Harmony: Matching Keyhole Doorplates

When you purchase a fixer-upper old home, you are almost certain to encounter a hodgepodge of door hardware. Additions and incomplete restorations will likely elevate the mishmash of door hardware in your project home. However, creating uniformity by replacing interior antique door hardware is a relatively simple task and, if your budget demands, it can be completed in stages.

In an old home, you may discover that some doors employ tubular latches while other doors utilize antique mortise locks. This can present a problem in your quest for consistency. Mortise locks and the doorplates that are used with them have a hole for the doorknob spindle and a hole for the keyway (i.e., a keyhole). Tube latches have a spindle hole but they do not lock with a key and, therefore, neither they nor their doorplates have a keyhole. If your doors include a mix of latches and mortise locks, they likely have a clash of backplates with and without keyholes. The presence or absence of a keyhole in the doorplate may seem insignificant but this minor discord can be eliminated with a simple trick of the trade.

Keyhole doorplates can be used with both mortise locks and tubular latches. However, because a tubular latch does not have a keyway, the surface of the door will show through the doorplate's keyhole. It may appear as if an incompatible backplate was paired with the latch. To remedy this situation, position a piece of black electrical tape on the door behind the doorplate's keyhole. The black tape will give the appearance of a functional keyway and all the backplates will match. Ahh...doorplate harmony doesn't require a Christmas miracle afterall.

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