Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glass Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls: The Lucky Charms of Cabinet Hardware

I am sure that everyone is familiar with Lucky Charms cereal with its colorful marshmallows shaped like pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers. Like Lucky Charms, glass cabinet knobs and pulls are offered in many shapes and in a rainbow of colors.

The technology to mass produce glass knobs by pressing molten glass into molds was developed in the early 1800’s and American hardware companies began producing colored glass hardware throughout the 19th century. These early knobs were typically set in iron or brass shanks with mushroom or octagon shaped knob tops. Popular color choices were clear, white, black and cobalt and robins egg blue. However, glass cabinet hardware was never more popular than during the early 1900’s. American hardware companies focused on glass cabinet hardware during World War I as brass and iron were being rationed for the war effort. Production methods also improved allowing a much wider spectrum of color choices and shapes. The popularity of glass hardware continued through the 1930’s when glass knobs and pulls took on even more unique shapes defined Art Deco design movement.

Shop 4 Classics offers one of the largest collections of reproduction colored and clear glass knobs and pulls on the Internet. Included in the collection are popular colored glass octagon knobs and colored glass hexagon knobs and coordinating colored glass hexagon post drawer pulls. Our collection even includes reproductions of Art Deco style glass cabinet knobs.

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