Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cast Iron Steamers and Trivets: Ideal Christmas Gifts for the Vintage Kitchen

With this winter’s first snowflakes now blowing about outside my office window, my thoughts turn toward finding the right gifts for my family members and friends. The process of gift giving for me usually begins with me regretting not accumulating gift ideas over the past twelve months. I do, however, have a couple of unique and affordable gift ideas for those who have someone on their shopping list that appreciates their vintage kitchen.

Cast Iron Stove Top Steamers
Shop 4 Classics offers cast iron steamers in a variety of decorative and novel designs. All of our steamers have a durable porcelain coating inside and out to prevent rusting. Stove top steamers add moisture to the dry winter air. Additionally, droping a handful of potpourri in the steamer’s water will fill your home with fragrances of the holidays.

Cast Iron Decorative Trivets
Shop 4 Classics also offers cast iron trivets that, like our steamers, have durable protective porcelain coatings. Decorative trivets are always a thoughtful gift idea. This is especially true during the holiday season when cooking large meals and baking holiday treats make the kitchen a hive of active.

Cast Iron Matchstick Holders
If your vintage kitchen has a wood burning stove or adjoining hearth, decorative cast iron matchstick holders are a useful and affordable gift idea. Match stick holders provide a convenient and safe place to store stick matches.

Other hardware items that are popular gift ideas include house numbers, fireplace screens and fireplace tool sets, and novelty shoe brushes.

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