Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eastlake Cabinet Hardware is Quintessential Victorian Style

The Victorian period is known for its varied, yet always elaborate, architectural and design movements. In the late 1800s, architect Charles Eastlake introduced one of the most enduring styles of the Victorian period. What became to be known as Eastlake style was rich with distinctive details. Eastlake style interior and exterior millwork and furniture featured angular designs carved in low relief. Similarly, Eastlake style cabinet knobs and bin pulls are characterized by angular forms with flat surfaces that are rich with low relief, complex designs. During the Victorian period, Europeans and Americans were fascinated with ancient and exotic cultures of the Middle East and Orient. The designs on Eastlake Style hardware, including cabinet knobs and bin pulls, reflected this with the appearance of geometrically stylized sunbursts, flower and plant forms, and chevron stripes elements.

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