Friday, August 13, 2010

Arts and Crafts Period Craftsman Style Door Hardware

During America’s Industrial Revolution production shifted from the efforts of individual skilled craftsmen to mass production methods that depended on machines and armies of unskilled workers that toiled along assembly lines day in and day out. These modern production methods were recognized as dehumanizing by many and contributed to the creation of the Arts and Crafts movement. Those associated with the Arts and Crafts movement called for a return to valuing the individual worker by providing enriching and rewarding work. Products developed by craftsmen were embraced by the Arts and Crafts movement. These products were collective called Craftsman style and included the simplest of home hardware items to the homes themselves. Craftsman style door hardware is one of the many lasting legacies of the American Arts and Crafts period. Craftsman style door hardware is generally made from non-lustrous metals including copper, bronze or iron and at least appears to be handcrafted. Craftsman style door hardware is often also referred to as Mission as well as simply Arts and Crafts style door hardware.

Shop 4 Classics offers Arts and Crafts style door hardware from the Craftsmen Hardware Company. True to the Arts and Crafts tradition, the artisans of Craftsmen Hardware handcraft its door hardware from copper at their shop located in the quaint town of Marceline, Missouri.

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