Friday, July 2, 2010

Refresh Your Cabinets with Decorative Knobs and Pulls (Part 2: Historical Styles of Cabinet Knobs and Pulls)

In our previous blog entry, we provided an overview of the types of cabinet knobs and pulls. Understanding the types of cabinet hardware and determining which type will work for your existing cabinets is the first and easiest step in the selection process. The second step is deciding on the design that compliments the style of the cabinets as well as the look that you wish to create for the bathroom or kitchen. We can offer advice about the type of cabinet hardware that is fitting for a given time period, but the final selection typically comes down to the customer’s personal choice. So, simply enjoy this post about the styles of knobs and pulls and enjoy your cabinet hardware selection process.

Early American Cabinet Hardware
During the colonial period much home hardware was created by individual craftsmen whose focus was typically on function more so than form. The blacksmith was called upon to fabric all sorts of household objects including cabinet hardware. Forged iron cabinet hardware consisted of simple bar and drop pulls.

Shop 4 Classics offers hand crafted reproduction Early American hardware items including cabinet hardware from Acorn Manufacturing Company. Additionally, Shop 4 Classics offers hand forged cabinet knobs and pulls produce by the craftsmen of Artesano Iron Works.

Victorian Cabinet Hardware
The Industrial Revolution brought about incredible changes in the production of products of all types. The work of individual craftsmen was replaced by mass production processes. Cast brass cabinet hardware was being produced throughout America. Much effort could be invested in the design of a piece of hardware as this piece would be reproduced many times through the casting process. During the Victorian Period, cabinet hardware featured ornate designs that often borrowed European themes including ancient Greek Key, Laurel Wreaths, Egg & Dart and Ribbon & Read patterns.

Shop 4 Classics offers reproduction Victorian cabinet hardware from several manufacturers. Brass Accents specializes in Victorian period reproduction door and cabinet hardware. Brass Accents solid cast brass cabinet knobs and pulls include ornate bar pulls and a classic Chippendale style drop bail pull. Copper Mountain also offers Victorian reproduction cabinet hardware. Included in Copper Mountain’s collection of cabinet pulls are several Eastlake style cup pulls and ornate ring pulls.

Arts and Crafts Cabinet Hardware
Not all were entirely thrilled by the industrialization of America. Some grew concern about the loss of dignity of laborers who toiled at monotonous work in mass production factories. The resulting Arts and Crafts movement sought to return to pride in individual craftsmanship in design and manufacturing. A distinctive style of cabinet hardware was defined through the Arts and Crafts movement. Arts and Crafts knobs and pulls were much less ornate in design and often were created in iron and copper. In many ways they were similar to the handcrafted hardware of Early America.

Shop 4 Classics proudly offers handcrafted copper hardware from the Craftsmen Hardware Company. Cabinet knobs and pulls from Craftsmen Hardware Company are individually created by their artisan metal workers and their designs are true to themes of the original Arts and Crafts period. Hamilton Sinkler’s rustic bronze cabinet hardware feature designs that are complimentary to Arts and Crafts cabinetry and furniture.

Modern Cabinet Hardware
Many styles have come and gone over the past century. The Art Deco period of design introduced modern, if not futuristic, designs. Chrome plating provided a brilliant new finish fitting of the avant-garde designs.

Nostalgic Warehouses cabinet knobs and pulls are offered in brilliant chrome finishes and reflect designs that commonly appeared on kitchen and bath cabinets of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Colored glass knobs and pulls from Copper Mountain Hardware are reproductions of hardware popular through the middle of the Twentieth Century.

Remember that Shop 4 Classics has the hardware for whatever look you plan to create, or recreate, for your home’s kitchen or bath cabinets.

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