Monday, June 14, 2010

Genuine Forged Iron Cabinet and Door Hardware by Artesano Iron Works

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, house hold items were often crafted by blacksmiths using techniques of shaping metal that date back to ancient times. Each item was individually crafted by the local blacksmith. Thus, even the most mundane home hardware items were unique in that they reflected the skills and creativity of the blacksmith. Mass production and modern metal casting techniques, however, brought an end to so much of the blacksmith’s business.

Fortunately, the blacksmith’s traditions survived the past several centuries of ever increasing industrialization. The craftsmen of Artesano Iron Works have been carrying on these traditions of hand forging iron in the creation of decorative home hardware products. Artesano's commitment to preserving the old world traditions of hand crafted iron work is readily evident in the look and feel of each piece of cabinet hardware, door hardware, shutter hardware, and other home hardware products.

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