Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Appreciating Classics: Funky Cold Medina Style

This weekend, while having lunch at a local sandwich shop, the 1989 hit "Funky Cold Medina" played on the radio. While I listened and waxed nostalgic, the younger sandwich shop staff debated on the singer of the classic song. And that’s the thing about a classic; while we may not recognize its origin, we can appreciate its greatness.

Frequently in this space, we write about hardware and plumbing that exhibits the characteristics of certain architectural time periods. These tips can be helpful but ultimately your home is your space and you are free to choose the hardware that interests you. Whether you favor Art Deco sophistication, elaborate Victorian designs, or Arts & Crafts craftsmanship, you can create your own sense of style from the many options available at Shop 4 Classics. Choosing a Victorian register for your Atomic Ranch home may not be historically accurate but you are building a home, not a museum. If a door hardware design appeals to you, choose it despite its architectural source of inspiration.

Despite the bickering over whether it was MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice singing the song, the "Funky Cold Medina" chorus became a sandwich shop sing-a-long on Sunday afternoon. The staff may not have recognized the song stylings of the one and only Tone Loc but his lyrical genius was certainly appreciated.

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