Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reproduction Door Hardware Basics: An Overview of Privacy, Passage and Dummy Functions

Antique reproduction door hardware is a great way to add decorative accents and nostalgic style throughout your home. There are several general criteria that should be considered before you begin your door hardware search.

I consider the style of door hardware to encompass all appearance aspects of the hardware. Although the style of door hardware is typically desired to be in keeping with the style and period of the home, the home owner’s personal taste often is the key determinate in the final selection decision. Today’s reproduction door hardware is offered with so many knob and finishes options that the home owner can select hardware with designs that are true to the home’s original period style while allowing them to exercise their creative flair. Home owners now can create unique looks by choosing from an assortment of decorative solid brass, brilliant crystal and unique porcelain knobs options. Reproduction door hardware is available in oil rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed and polished nickel and pewter finishes in addition to traditional polished brass.

The desired function of each door knob set must be determined. Will the interior door need to be locked? If so, a privacy door knob set will be required. Privacy reproduction door hardware sets have modern locking mechanics complete with emergency release mechanism that allows the privacy set to be unlocked from the outside. There are two options for doors that do not require a locking mechanism. Passage door knob sets have latches that do not lock but keep require the set’s knob to be turned in order to open the door. Passage sets are commonly used for closet doors. If a latch is also not important, the dummy set is your least expensive option. Dummy set knobs do not turn and therefore function only as a grip to open and close doors. Dummy sets are often found on pantry doors and closet doors.

Shop 4 Classics offers door hardware from some of the most respected specialty manufacturers. All offer their interior sets in the three basic functions. Each manufacturer, however, specializes in a particular style of door hardware. Below is an overview of the styles offered by each manufacturer:

Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware represents reproductions of classic designs from the Victorian, Craftsman, and Art Deco periods. Their solid brass hardware is available in all of today’s popular finishes including satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

Brass Accents door hardware includes faithful reproductions of original designs that reflected the many architectural style movements in vogue within the Victorian period. Brass Accents door hardware is also made of solid brass and available in a variety of popular finishes.

The Craftsmen Hardware Company specializes in handcrafted door hardware designed in the Arts and Craft tradition. Craftsmen Hardware door knobs and back plates are made of genuine copper finished with a rich brown patina.

Hamilton Sinkler’s door hardware made from solid cast bronze with a rich brown patina. Hamilton Sinkler’s door hardware appeals to those seeking a traditional or even rustic appearance.

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