Friday, April 2, 2010

Green Hardware and Plumbing Products: Going Green this Spring

After a very long and snow filled winter, signs of spring are finally here in Kansas City. One of the most notably signs of spring is the return of the color green to the city’s landscape. Trees are budding and the once brown grass transformed to a brilliant shade of green seemingly overnight.
Speaking of green, Shop 4 Classics offers a number of products that can be consider Green products. Green products can include products that conserve or reuse the planet’s natural resources. Below are examples of some of the Green products that can be found on the Shop 4 Classics website:

Mission Metalworks sand cast products are made from 95% recycled US domestically produce copper and bronze. Their line of copper and bronze hardware items include: house numbers and house number tiles, cabinet hardware and switch plate and outlet covers.

An example of a product that conserves the planet’s resources is Cheviot Products’ dual flush toilet. This innovative toilet can be flushed with a water conserving 0.8 gallons of water or the standard 1.6 gallons of water.

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