Friday, March 5, 2010

A Revealing Look At Exposed Riser Showers

If you ask Tiger Woods or Bernie Madoff, being exposed is a bad thing. However, being exposed does not always necessitate negativity. An exposed riser shower set is a perfect example of when a little exposure is a very good thing.

Unlike modern in-wall showers where the faucet body and shower riser are concealed behind a wall and only the handles and showerhead are visible from inside the shower; exposed riser showers have a faucet body and shower riser that are open and in plain view. If you’ve ever repaired or replaced an in-wall shower whose most important parts are nearly inaccessible behind a tiled shower wall, you’ll quickly appreciate the benefit of an exposed riser shower whose entire system is installed outside the shower wall.

Most exposed riser showers feature a shower arm that extends horizontally from a tall vertical riser such that the showerhead is over head. The showerhead for exposed riser showers is often larger than normal showerheads and provides a soothing rain shower effect rather than the massaging sensation of smaller showerheads. Because the showerhead is overhead, exposed riser showers can be used with a shower pan that is enclosed with shower curtain and a shower curtain rod. Freestanding shower pans might require a rectangular shower surround that allows the shower curtain to fully envelope the shower.

Exposed riser showers are often used in half baths because most models lack a tub spout. While you may think that half baths are a contemporary concept, many homes of yesteryear would also have a separate shower stall. Even small, modest bungalows might sometimes have a shower stall. In warmer environments, exposed riser showers can be used on the beach to wash after a swim or outside a hot tub after a soak. Obviously freezing is a concern in exterior applications so many people uninstall the exposed riser shower before cold weather approaches.

Exposed riser shower sets are offered from the most basic models to elaborate thermostatic exposed riser showers that offer a handheld shower for convenience. Body spray attachments are even available for some models.

Most antique reproduction plumbing manufacturers offer exposed riser showers. Shop 4 Classics offers exposed riser showers from Strom Plumbing, Sunrise Specialty, Elizabethan Classics, and Cheviot Products.

For some of us when we think exposure, we think Paris Hilton or amateur photos of Sasquatch. In those cases, over exposure is a bad thing. But if you are looking for some good exposure, consider an exposed riser shower set from Shop 4 Classics.

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