Friday, March 12, 2010

Explore the Advantages of Strom Plumbing Walk-In Tubs

In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon is said to have set out on a fruitless search for the legendary Fountain of Youth in what is now Florida. Although the existence of a Fountain of Youth has long since been discounted as mere myth, people are living longer and more independent lives. Fortunately, innovative products are being developed specifically for the aging population which will make their daily activities less strenuous and safer.

The walk-in tub is an example of a product that is designed to fit the unique needs of the senior and handicap populations. Walk-in tubs feature a leak-proof door and grab bars that allow the bather to safely step in and out of the tub. Further, their floor and seat have slip-proof surfaces to greatly reduce the possibility of falling. These safety and accessibility features have the added benefit in that they allow the elderly and handicapped to bath in private, without need of assistance.

Strom Plumbing’s new Lourdes walk-in tub combines all the safety and convenience features of standard walk-in tubs with the elegant form of the classic pedestal style tub. The Lourdes acrylic walk-in tub is available with left hand and right hand entries. For added comfort, the Lourdes massage tub includes a massage motor for a therapeutic massage feature. The Lourdes tub is located with other built-in tubs on the Shop 4 Classics website.

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