Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Lite’s First Class Decorative Wall Mounted Mailbox

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these mailboxes from safely keeping a courier’s delivery from his completed rounds. The mailboxes that I am refering to are those made by Special Lite Products. Special Lite’s wall mounted decorative mailboxes are truly a first class mailbox. Unlike many wall mounted mailboxes that are made from sheet metal, their mailboxes are constructed of cast aluminum components. They are, therefore, thicker than the typical mailbox sold at the local hardware store. Since Special Lite's mailboxes are made of aluminum components, they are also rust proof.

What good is an incredibly durable mailbox if it quickly becomes an eyesore with a finish that failed to hold up to the elements? Thus, even the decorative aspects of Special Lite mailboxes are designed to last. For example, the ornate surface designs found on their Hummingbird mailbox and their Floral mailbox are deeply cut so that they will not wear off over time. All of their mailboxes are coated with a maintenance-free powder coat finish for lasting color.

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