Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting to Know Your Craftsman Bungalow and Others That Adore Them

Kansas City, like many cities of the Midwest, has many neighborhoods surrounding its urban core that are filled with Craftsman style bungalows. Common architectural themes such as one and a half stories, quaint front porches and overhanging low-pitch roofs define the Kansas City bungalow. However, Kansas City’s bungalows also have distinctive characteristics that make each one truly unique. They have differing shapes and their exteriors feature varying combinations of wood siding, brick and locally quarried stone work. The bungalows’ interiors only add to their charm. Features like hardwood floors, distinctive mill work, and plaster walls offer enduring evidence of the care and craftsmanship of their original builders.

Owners of these bungalows are also a unique bunch. They take great pride in their homes and the neighborhoods in which they live. Many are members of bungalow ownership clubs or bungalow neighborhood associations. Here they share their bungalow experiences. Members also benefit from tapping into the group’s collective knowledge on such topics as old home maintenance, restoration resources and even local history. Beyond the natural social and educational aspects of these clubs, historic home and neighborhood preservation is often a key group objective. Groups are often active in lobbying local governmental agencies to preserve these iconically American homes. Midwest bungalow clubs include the Kansas City Bungalow Club, Twin Cities Bungalow Club and the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.

Speaking of bungalow resources and preservation, Shop 4 Classics offers many reproductions of original hardware and plumbing products found in these classic homes. For example, a number of designs of Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware are quality reproductions of the originals commonly found in bungalows. Likewise, any one of the Sign of the Crab American kitchen faucets are fitting replacements for that one hundred year old kitchen faucet that is beyond repair. Finally, Shop 4 Classics is proud to offer Mission Metalworks Company's reproduction of the once common gravity style baseboard heat registers.

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