Monday, February 8, 2010

Fleur De Lis Fervor

The fleur de lis symbol was hard to miss on Sunday. The NFL Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints wear the fleur de lis symbol on their helmets and uniforms. The symbol was featured in banners, tattoos, and face painting in the stands at the Super Bowl. But the New Orleans Saints and their fans weren't the first to wear the fleur de lis. The fleur de lis has been popular for centuries. Although typically associated with France, the fleur de lis symbol is found in many cultures. It can be found on flags, stamps, coins, military insignia, artwork, logos, architecture, and even football uniforms. It is a diverse symbol with many loyal fans.

For fans of the fleur de lis, Shop 4 Classics offers many products that feature the fleur de lis motif. Fleur de lis hooks offer a great way to eliminate clutter while showing allegiance to the enduring symbol. Fleur de lis cabinet knobs and drawer pulls perfectly accent cabinetry. The symbol can be found on everything from door hardware to bathroom sinks.

While you don't have to be a New Orleans Saints fan to appreciate the fleur de lis, some may prefer the horseshoe symbol of the Indianapolis Colts. Never one to disappoint our customers, we offer a horse themed door knocker that features the horseshoe that symbolizes the Indianapolis Colts.

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