Monday, February 22, 2010

Belle Foret Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets For the Everyday Chef

Snowed in yet again this weekend, I found myself desperately flipping through the TV channels in search of anything interesting. I was amazed at just how many reality shows involve the preparation of food. Fully equipped professional kitchens served as the stage where want-a-be chefs competed to please the palettes of the masters of culinary art. One common fixture is the pot filler. Pot fillers are mounted on the wall or deck close enough to the stove so that their extended, and typically double-jointed, spouts fill pots sitting on any one of the stove’s burners. Often, pot fillers have handle controls on the spout instead of, or in addition to, controls at its base. This allows the chef to turn the water on and off without reaching across a hot stove.

Belle Foret offers a deck mounted pot filler and a wall mounted pot filler for the residential market. Belle Foret’s pot fillers feature dual controls and double-jointed spouts that extend out almost 20” from their base. Belle Foret also offers a series of high spout kitchen faucets and gooseneck spout kitchen faucets as an alternative for those of us needing to fill a pot in a kitchen that does not have the required plumbing near the stove.

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