Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curtains to 2009: Time To Change Your Clawfoot Tub’s Shower Curtain

For many the arrival of a New Year is a time to commit to replacing past bad habits with healthier habits for the New Year. Losing weight and getting in better shape are always tops on resolution lists each year. Joining a gym and signing-up for a diet programs are popular activities this time of year. For others, however, the coming of a new year is simply a reminder to commit to much more mundane activities like changing their home's furnace filter or smoke detectors’ batteries.

Many also replace the shower curtain annually in January. Clawfoot tub shower curtains by Strom Plumbing can be found in the Clawfoot Tub Accessories section of the Shop 4 Classics website. Strom Plumbing’s shower curtains are specially designed for use with cast iron clawfoot tubs and pedestal tubs. Their curtains are extra wide in order to enclose the tub on all sides. A row of magnets also runs along the bottom of the shower curtain. These magnets cling to the sides of the tub thus keeping the curtain in place during bathing.

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