Friday, January 22, 2010

Cure Today’s Cabin Fever with Copper and Bronze Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

With the world’s keen focus on the environment, a modern and sophisticated adaptation to the classic rustic style has grown increasingly popular. Natural stone, reclaimed wood and other organic materials are being incorporated in the construction of everything from new homes to home furnishings. The term “green products” has been applied to all things made from natural occurring and recycled materials. The use of these products is revolutionizing not only the construction but also the look of homes today.

Finding interior home hardware items that compliment these new green interior spaces can become a design challenge. For example, traditional lustrous chrome and brass cabinet hardware will seem terribly out of place on kitchen cabinets constructed from reclaimed wood. Fortunately, Mission Metalworks line of Brookside interior hardware offers the perfect solution for this design dilemma. Their Brookside hardware series represents a collection of copper and bronze cabinet knobs and pulls and matching copper and bronze switch and outlet covers made from predominately recycled alloys. Each piece of cabinet hardware has been tumbled resulting in a unique polished appearance resembling that of stones shaped by centuries of running water. Thus, Mission Metalworks interior hardware compliments the appearance of today’s green interior spaces as well as the eco-friendly movement that inspires them.

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