Monday, January 25, 2010

The Beauty and Brawn Of Restoria Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs

The Restoria Bath Tub Company was founded nearly ten years ago with the goal of creating a new standard in the look and construction of acrylic clawfoot bathtubs. Maintaining the vintage style of original cast iron tubs was a necessity. To this end, Restoria committed to crafting handmade molds for each of their tubs. As a result, their clawfoot tubs offer a truly unique appearance from any other acrylic tub on the market. Unlike other acrylic clawfoot tubs, the Restoria tub’s exterior is not perfectly smooth. Rather, they have subtle variations in texture designed to mimic the character of original Victorian era cast iron tubs. The craftsman at the Restoria Bath Tub Company understood that looking like the original cast iron tubs was not enough. Their tubs’ designs also had to be amazingly sturdy and durable if they were to rival the original cast iron tub. Therefore, their innovative tubs are constructed of acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and include a 10-gauge steel plate within the bottom of each tub.

The new Marquis tub is Restoria’s first double-ended acrylic clawfoot tub. This 5 ½ foot clawfoot tub is available with or without faucet holes located along the rim of the tub. The Marquis can rest upon your choice of white, polished brass, chrome, brushed nickel or vintage bronze ball and claw feet.

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