Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Biscuit and Black Clawfoot Tubs From Sunrise Specialty

Sunrise Specialty is one of the oldest and most respected brands of clawfoot tubs and antique reproduction plumbing. Unsurpassed quality and traditional designs have been the hallmarks of Sunrise Specialty’s products for decades. Sunrise Specialty adds more color options with its 2010 lineup of cast iron clawfoot tubs. Specifically, these new tubs are available in your choice of traditional white, black, and biscuit. Like traditional white clawfoot tubs, Sunrise Specialty’s biscuit clawfoot tubs and black clawfoot tubs have not only biscuit and black painted exteriors but also matching biscuit and black porcelain interiors. Below are examples of new Sunrise Specialty clawfoot tubs that are available in all three color options.

Five Foot Double Slipper Tub
Additonal color options are not the only feature that makes this cast iron tub unique. The elegant style and comfort of the traditionally larger double slipper tub is ingeniously maintained in the clever design of this charmingly petite clawfoot tub. As with many of Sunrise Specialty’s other cast iron tubs, this tub is offered with two distinct feet options, traditional and contemporary, in six different finishes.

Six Foot Double Slipper Tub
If your vintage bathroom design calls for a larger clawfoot tub, look no further than Sunrise Specialty’s six foot double slipper tub. This spacious and extra deep soaking cast iron tub features the desired nostalgic look of original clawfoot tubs but is available with many of today’s most popular options. This tub is offered with your choice of their ornate Victorian ball and claw feet or their much more stylized Nouveau ball and claw feet. Similar to Sunrise Specialty’s new small double slipper tub, both feet options for this tub are offered in six different finishes.

Whether biscuit, black, or white, large or small Sunrise Specialty has a cast iron clawfoot tub that will meet your design requirements and exceed your expectations.

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