Friday, December 11, 2009

Giving Scuffs and Scratches the Boot with Kickplates

Replacing or refurbishing the front entry door to your home can be quite an investment in dollars and time. Shopping for new door hardware is typically not only a necessity but also an enjoyable exercise. Once caught up browsing the many styles of doors and entry hardware, it is easy to forget the reason why you began the process of replacing the front door in the first place. If the reason is that your front door has gotten beat up over years of constant use, you may also want to consider adding a kickplate to your new door. Relative to replacing the door, kickplates are inexpensive and easy to install. Shop 4 Classics offers solid brass kickplates from Brass Accents. Their kickplates are available in three different mounting styles:

Screw Mount
Screw mount kickplates have predrilled screw holes for mounting to any style of door. The screw holes are evenly spaced approximately 6"-8" across the top and bottom of the kickplate. Matching screws are included. Screw mounted kickplates can be removed for door painting.

Magnetic Mount
Magnetic mount kickplates are secured to the door with a magnet. The entire back surface of the kickplate is covered with a magnet to insure adhesion. A magnetic mount kickplate requires a steel door. Magnetic mount kickplates are easy to remove for door cleaning or painting.

Adhesive Mount
Adhesive mount kickplates have an adhesive backing to stick to any type of door. There are multiple strips of adhesive across the back of adhesive mount kickplates. Adhesive mount kickplates are designed to be permanently attached.

Brass Accent kickplates are also offered in a wide variety of sizes and finish options. You can find our kickplates in the Door Hardware section of our website.

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