Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Vintage Home

This weekend I will officially begin my hunt for the ideal holiday gifts for family and friends. I for one am not a big fan of the gift card. Rather, I try to find unique gifts that match the specific interests or special needs of the receiver. For those shopping for someone that is really into their home, Shop 4 Classics offers a variety of products from the John Wright Company that make thoughtful holiday gifts.

On those cold winter nights, nothing is more comforting than the sight and sounds of a natural wood burning fireplace. However, a drawback to wood burning fireplaces is that they tend to remove moisture from the air as they heat the home. A charming way to return moisture to the air is with a stovetop steamer. Fill your home with the fragrances of the season by including holiday scented potpourri to the steamer’s water.

Speaking of wood burning fireplaces, the hearth is often transformed into the centerpiece of the holiday decorated home. During this time, the cardboard box containing matches is either tucked away out of sight or becomes an unwanted feature of your holiday d├ęcor. John Wright Company’s selection of cast iron match stick holders provides a decorative way to keep matches conveniently close at hand.

Large multicourse meals are a hallmark of the holiday season. Ham, turkey, casseroles of every sort and pies await in the kitchen and dining room as guests find their place at the table. At no other time of the year is the simple trivet more valued. The classic designs, high gloss porcelain coating and durable cast iron construction of John Wright’s trivets make them a useful gift for many years to come.

At least in the Midwest, dragging indoors the mud and salt from the bottom and sides of one’s shoes is a common problem during the winter months. Additional guest traffic and your desire to keep your home presentable keeps you busy cleaning the floors when you would rather be enjoying the season. Placing a novelty shoe brush on your front porch is a charming way to clean shoes prior to entering your spotless holiday home.

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