Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decorative Vent Covers: Shaking off the Cold in Style!

Kansas City’s weather reminded me that winter is fast approaching. Temperatures dipped into the 30’s and cold rain persisted throughout the weekend. I appreciate the changing seasons in the Midwest and even enjoy the first couple of months of winter. Outrageous heating bills withstanding, I find it incredibly comforting to come out of the cold to a warm home. Hearing the furnace kick-on got me reminiscing of memories of my childhood huddling over a heat register thawing myself after spending hours sledding down what then seemed to be a monstrous hill in our backyard. I recall that old heat register was far from decorative. In fact, the gray steel register looked like it was designed to appear as a piece of the furnace in the basement rather than hardware that would be in plain sight at the front entry of our house.

Amazingly, these same steel heat register are still the standard builders' grade vent covers installed in homes built today. Shop 4 Classics, however, offers a wide range of highly decorative vent covers. These cast iron, brass and bronze vent covers can be used throughout the house or selectively in high visibility locations depending on your budget. Below is an overview of the various types of decorative vent covers available at Shop 4 Classics.

Classic Grills Bronze Vent Covers
Classic Grills manufactures cast bronze air return grills and heat registers in many styles including: Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Victorian and traditional. Classic Grills also has unique grape vine and tropical bamboo themed vent covers. Most of their bronze grills are offered in light brown, dark brown and antique burnished brown. They also offer grills in white bronze with a satin finish.

Hamilton Sinkler Bronze and Brass Vent Covers
Hamilton Sinkler also offers bronze air return and heat registers. Their bronze grills feature a rich brown patina and are available in a very popular scroll design as well as contemporary styles. Their Strathmore vent covers are constructed of solid brass and are available in polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel and black finishes.

Brass Elegans Brass and Bronze Vent Covers
Brass Elegans’ Victorian and contemporary solid brass air return grills and heat registers are available in a variety of finishes including polished brass, antique brass, pewter and dark bronze. These same vent covers are also available in solid bronze with a dark brown patina finish.

Reggio Register Cast Iron, Aluminum and Brass Vent Covers
With sizes ranging from small toe-kick grills to very large floor grates, Reggio Register’s vent covers are available in probably the widest range of sizes on the market. Although Reggio Register is best known for its popular Victorian style vent cover, they also offer a contemporary grid style vent covers as well as high velocity circular vent covers.

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