Friday, October 23, 2009

Stair Hardware: Giving Stairs a Lift

When I was a youth, my childhood friend, Darrel, had an elevator in his home. His home wasn't big or extravagant but Darrel's forward-thinking father installed an elevator in their "modern" two-story home. Some might say that Darrel's father was ahead of his time but I think his father was just plain wrong. Elevators are no more common in homes today than they were in the 70's. On the other hand, the staircase continues to thrive. Stairs are still used to traverse stories in the 21st century.

In some homes, especially Victorian era homes, staircases can be quite grand and are a featured architectural centerpiece. Stair hardware is designed to enhance stairways; both functionally and decoratively. Stair rail brackets with intricate designs and pleasing finishes not only support the stair rail but complement other architectural elements such as door hardware, light fixtures, and vent covers.

Despite improved carpet installation techniques, stair carpet rods that were initially designed to hold stair carpet runners in place still offer purpose today. Besides their decorative contribution to staircases, stair rods conceal carpet tack impressions and creases where the tread and riser meet. Stair rods hide dirt that gathers in the seam and stair rod brackets allow the rods to be removed to periodically clean the seam hidden behind them. Stair rods, stair rod brackets, and stair bracket finials are offered in a variety of elaborate designs and colorful finishes to fit contemporary as well as period homes.

Elevators didn't have the impact on modern homes that Darrel's dad expected. We continue to build multi-story homes with stairs, not elevators. Stair hardware still has purpose. Give your stairs a lift with fanciful stair carpet rods and complementary stair rail brackets from Shop 4 Classics.

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