Friday, September 18, 2009

Door Stop Salute

A door stop is like a lineman on a football team; it does its job without much fanfare. The lowly door stop toils in obscurity behind the door or may be completely forgotten from remodeling projects--forgotten until a door swings open and punches a hole in a wall or nicks a piece of heirloom furniture. Today, however, the linemen of the hardware world receive some overdue recognition.

The function of a doorstop is to protect walls, furniture, appliances, or other items from being damaged by a door or door knob. Despite its rather simple purpose, there are a surprising number of door stop styles.

One of the most common types of door stops found in homes is the fixed-post baseboard door stop. The fixed-post baseboard door stop is a solid piece with a rubber tip on the end. This door stop mounts on the baseboard or on the door itself. In older homes, the doors are usually solid wood. Often, baseboard doorstops are installed on the wood door in older homes. Newer homes utilize hollow core doors. The baseboard doorstop migrated from the door to the baseboard in new homes with hollow core doors.

A hinge pin door stop installs on a hinge by removing the pin from the center of the hinge, placing the stop on the top of the hinge, and reinserting the pin through the stop and the hinge. The hinge pin door stop has two rubber bumpers; one to protect the door and another to protect the door trim. These door stops work best with lightweight doors.

As its name suggests, floor mounted door stops install on the floor instead of the door or baseboard. They are often used if there is no wall in the door's swing path but a stop is still required to protect items behind the door. Bullet door stops resemble a bumper in a pin ball machine. Rather than a rubber tip, a floor mounted bullet stop has a rubber ring around its perimeter. Cannon door stops have a rubber bumper at the end of an elbow. Dome door stops are a low profile pod-shaped door stop. Dome stops are popular in high traffic areas because they minimize the tripping hazard of a baseboard stop or other floor mounted door stops.

Wall bumpers are door stops that mount on the wall at door knob level. They are usually round with a rubber bumper in the center to cushion the door knob's impact if it hits the wall.

Hook door stops are a hybrid of other door stops. They incorporate a hook on the end of the door stop and include an eyelet that installs on the door. Hook door stops have a dual purpose. They prevent the door from swinging to far open but also can be used to prevent the door from closing. The hook and eyelet anchor the door to the doorstop.

The black sheep of the doorstop family is the kickdown door stop. A kickdown door stop does not prevent the door from opening too far but instead impedes it from closing. It is installed on the opposite side of a door. The kickdown door stop lifts up when not in use and then can be kicked down to prop the door open.

Your application will determine which style of door stop is right for your project but selecting the appropriate color or finish will depend on your decor. Select a door stop that coordinates with your door hardware or other architectural elements such as heat registers.

Door stops are inexpensive and fairly simple to install. Most doorstops simply screw into place. Check the sweep of the door to determine the best location. The rubber bumper should make contact with the door about 1" to 2" from the edges of the door. Drill a pilot hole and screw the doorstop into place. This easy upgrade is an economical way to prevent door knobs from causing expensive repairs to walls, furniture, and other objects.

This weekend, watch the linemen on your favorite football team and appreciate the work they do. After the game, pull yourself out of your recliner and give a little love to the linemen of the architectural hardware world, the modest door stop. If your door stop isn't looking so sharp or is missing completely, visit Shop 4 Classics for a great selection of quality door stops. It’s a virtual cornucopia of door stops!

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  1. I've been searching for cannon door stops to match one of the originals in my house. I had no idea that that is what they are called!!