Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do These Cabinet Knobs Come With A Complete Kitchen Makeover?

I recently took my seven year old daughter to the eye doctor where I got the bad news that she needed glasses. She, however, was thrilled and looked at it as an opportunity to make a fashion statement. After picking out a particularly stylish pair of glass, she excitedly asked me if the glasses came with a complete makeover.

Today’s home improvement media seems to favor a similar complete makeover mentality. In spite of the economic downturn, media’s message remains one that all projects must be comprehensive and grand in scale. Television focuses on dramatic transformations of rooms or entire houses where it seems that half of the remodeler’s effort is exerted during the demolition phase. Although great entertainment, I’d say that these shows are probably out of touch with the realities faced by so many. For these individuals, Shop 4 Classics offers a few ideas that will create a new look with out further draining your bank account.

If you are set on creating a new look for an entire room, choose to remodel your half-bathroom. Creating a new look for a half-bathroom does not require considerable investments in a new tub, tile, or tub and shower related plumbing. Stylish sink inserts paired with a new bathroom faucet makes a big difference for these small rooms without spending big bucks. A couple of coordinating bath accessories, such as a soap dish and towel bar, and a fresh coat of paint maybe all that is needed to complete a new look.

Complete kitchen remodels typically run well into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. More economical improvements include simply upgrading the cabinet hardware with new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. If your budget allows, an investment in a high quality kitchen faucet is often money well spent.

Finally, consider looking for new uses for your existing, yet overlooked, home furnishings. For example, decorative quilts or even rugs can become focal points of large rooms by displaying them on the wall with an elegantly designed tapestry holder.

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