Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spongebob Squarepants' Clawfoot Tub

Recently, I spent a Saturday afternoon watching Spongebob Squarepants with my nephew. Actually, my nephew watched while I unintentionally napped. During a temporary moment of consciousness, I caught an episode in which Mr. Squarepants attempted to give his pet snail, Gary, a bath in his clawfoot tub. I explained to my nephew that Spongebob's bathtub could not be a cast iron clawfoot tub because the sea water in his pineapple home would be too corrosive to the exterior of the tub. The bathtub must be an acrylic clawfoot tub. In fact, I reasoned that the tub must be a Restoria Bathtub Company acrylic bathtub. You see, the Restoria acrylic clawfoot tubs have a 10 gauge steel plate incorporated into the bottom of the tub. The steel plate provides extra rigidity and horizontal stability but could also prevent the acrylic tub from floating away from Spongebob's home. By this time, my nephew was unintentionally napping so there wasn't much debate. If you would like to discuss clawfoot tubs, visit Shop 4 Classics. Or, if you have questions about clawfoot tubs, review the Shop 4 Classics Clawfoot Tub Buyers Guide or Clawfoot Tub Tips for help selecting a clawfoot tub for your pineapple.

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