Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Receiving Your New Clawfoot Tub Delivery

It is easy to get excited upon receiving your clawfoot tub delivery. It is important, however, that you don’t let your excitement prevent you from taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your tub meets your expectations. Shop 4 Classics has been responsible for shipping hundreds of tubs and has found that, although our clawfoot tubs are carefully crated to prevent damage during shipping, both cast iron and acrylic clawfoot tubs do get damaged from time to time during the delivery process. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take the following simple steps to minimize any inconvenience or additional expense should there be a problem with your tub.
Tubs are delivered by a tractor trailer. The carrier will call the telephone number you provide in your registration to make arrangements for delivery. You must be available at the time of delivery to sign for the tub. The freight carrier will require a signature to release the tub into your possession. Carefully inspect the crate and its contents prior to signing the delivery receipt. Your signature on the delivery receipt indicates that you have inspected the package and accepted it in satisfactory condition.

If your inspection reveals minor damage, document the damage on the delivery receipt prior to signing it. Touch-up paint is available upon request to repair minor scratches in the exterior of cast iron tubs. Stains or marks can be removed with a nonabrasive cleanser (e.g. Zud, 409) and a soft, damp cloth. A professional can repair more significant scratches and scrapes in cast iron tubs. Most repairs can be performed in place and at a fairly economical price.

Refuse delivery of any badly damaged item. Email complete details to if you've discovered a problem so that we can assist you with the claim and replace the damaged item.
The driver may be in a hurry to get to his next appointment but do not be rushed to sign the delivery receipt. You have the right and the responsibility to carefully inspect your tub prior to accepting it. Though the driver may be in a hurry, he is obligated to allow you an opportunity to inspect your purchase. Your signature indicates that you have inspected your order and received it in satisfactory condition. Any damage reported after signing the delivery receipt may be deemed damaged in your possession. Your signature on the delivery receipt is legally binding and may be used by the freight company to reject any damage claims.

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