Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pocket Door Hardware 101

A pocket door is a sliding door that recesses into a cavity (pocket) in a wall. Unlike a hinged door that swings open, the pocket door slides open on a track into a hollow space in the wall.

I associate pocket doors with ranch homes from the 60’s because my parents and many of my uncles and aunts had a pocket door in their ranch homes. However, pocket doors were designed long before the ranch home. Pocket doors originated over 100 years ago and were very popular in homes from the Victorian era. Pocket doors became popular because they save space by eliminating door swing. They do not obstruct wall space and they ease traffic flow through rooms.

Pocket doors require special pocket door hardware to allow the door to recess into the opening. They require a flush pull on each side to provide a handle to slide the door open. As its name suggests, the pocket door flush pull must be low profile (flush) to prevent the pull from obstructing the door as it slides into the pocket. Many of the various pocket door cup pulls and flush pocket door pulls are used on sliding doors and bi-fold doors as well. Unlike these doors, however, the pocket door also requires an edge pull in the door stile to provide a handle to pull the door back out of the pocket once it has recessed into the wall opening. In older pocket doors, the flush pulls and edge pull are separate components. In modern passage pocket door pulls, the flush pulls and edge pull are integrated into a single component. Shop 4 Classics even offers an integrated privacy pocket door pull that locks to keep unwanted guests from entering a room; which makes them perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.

The space saving, cost reducing, and problem solving features of the pocket door has created a renewed interest in pocket doors and pocket door hardware. The economic crisis has resulted in an increasing demand for smaller more cost-efficient homes and the pocket door is perfectly suited for these homes.

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