Friday, August 28, 2009

Copper Farmhouse Sink: Now That’s a Classic!

What would a classic kitchen be without a vintage-style copper farmhouse kitchen sink? The warm earthy tones of copper provide instant charm and its natural antibacterial qualities help keep your kitchen sink clean and sanitary. An apron front sink draws your attention making the copper sink the centerpiece of a classic kitchen.

Of course a kitchen can still be classic without a farmhouse sink. Classic is a matter of opinion and what one might consider to be a classic, another might consider to be a catastrophe. Never was this more obvious to me than this past weekend while I had dinner with my friends and their four sons. In a long series of fits and starts, the youngest boy shared a knock-knock joke that unfortunately finished without a punchline. As he labored to the joke's conclusion, the boy chuckled and said, "that’s classic". I suppose to a 6 year old the joke was a classic and not the catastrophe that I believe I witnessed but really how much can a 6 year old know about classics?

If you would like to avoid any doubt in your classic kitchen remodel, try a copper farmhouse sink from Shop 4 Classics. And you can't go wrong with a complementary oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet, tumbled bronze pot filler, bronze patina cabinet drawer pulls, or handcrafted copper kitchen cabinet knobs. With Shop 4 Classics' help, your vintage kitchen won't be a joke and, unlike a 6 year old's knock-knock joke, the copper farmhouse sink will pack a punch that says classic.

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