Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too Tall for My Shower Riser

Every so often, a Shop 4 Classics customer will email to express concern that the shower riser that is included with their preferred clawfoot tub shower enclosure may be too short for them. Most clawfoot tub shower enclosures include a 5' shower riser. Even if you reason that the clawfoot tub faucet is typically a foot or more from the bottom of a clawfoot bathtub, the overall height of the showerhead may seem low by modern standards. Our shower enclosure sets are antique reproductions and the 5' shower riser is true to the original design of clawfoot bathtub showers. "Were people shorter in the early 1900's?" the customer will ask. Probably not. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man to ever live, was born in 1918. But unlike today when it is normal to shampoo your hair at least once a day, it was considered commonplace in Robert's time to wash your hair just once every two weeks. To accommodate normal usage of the day, shower risers were designed to prevent getting the hair wet. Even so, the 5' shower riser will work for most customers. If height is is a concern, there are clawfoot tub shower enclosures that include taller risers and Strom Plumbing even offers a 6' version of their 5' tall shower riser. There may not be a shower riser tall enough to make Robert Wadlow comfortable but there are options for the rest of us. Sorry Robert but perhaps we can interest you in a giant pedestal tub.

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