Friday, July 17, 2009

Small Bathroom Solutions

Old homes are valued for their unique character and solid construction. Unfortunately, they are also known for small closets and bathrooms. With the exception of clothes hooks and shelf brackets, Shop 4 Classics can offer little to help the remodeler with their small closet dilemmas. However, we do have a number of products that will help make space, or least give the appearance of more space, in your vintage bathroom. Petite sized pedestal and wall mount sinks are not only great space savers but there are also period-appropriate designs for your antique bath. Many manufacturers also offer similarly styled petite toilets. If in need of even more space savings, consider corner mount sinks and toilets. The pull chain toilet may be great option if you are uncomfortable with a petite toilet. The pull chain toilet is also known as the high tank toilet because its tank is mounted on the wall above the toilet rather than behind the seat. This configuration allows the bowl to be placed inches from the bathroom wall. The tub, of course, is the fixture that typically contends for the most space. Shop 4 Classics offers clawfoot tubs that measure a mere four feet in length as well as even smaller clawfoot shower pans. It is important to remember to account for the additional space needed for the tub or shower pan plumbing requirements before making your purchase.

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