Friday, July 31, 2009

House Number Hullabaloo

There is more to selecting house numbers than one might initially think. You have to weight funtionality verses aethetics. You should consider size, color, and font in your selection process.

A mundane generic house number might help ensure speedy delivery of your pizza but it might also distract from your home's appearance. Select a house number that complements the personality of your home. Arts & Crafts house numbers contribute to the charm of a bungalow. Victorian house numbers enrich an elegant Queen Anne home. Fun house numbers reflect the whimsy of homes with children.

Choose a color that contrasts the background so the house number will be more visible. If the address number is mounted on white trim, choose a dark color house number. If your house has a dark paint scheme, choose a light color house number. The color of the house number should match other architectural hardware such as exterior door hardware, the doorbell button, or the mailbox.

A proper sized house number should be proportional to its location. Bigger is not always better. If house numbers are jewerly for your home, then oversized house numbers are like cheap, gaudy costume jewelry. They will draw more attention to themselves than to your home.

House numbers should be displayed near the front door in a well lit area to increase visability. Address numbers painted on the street curb or on a streetside mailbox can provide you with more freedom to be artistic with numbers on your house.

House numbers have purpose but they do not need to be completely utilitarian. Find the best of both worlds at Shop 4 Classics.

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