Friday, July 10, 2009

The Evolution of Sunrise Specialty

Now one of the oldest and best respected brands of clawfoot tubs and antique reproduction plumbing, Sunrise Specialty has matured gracefully from its roots as a salvage yard. The company began in 1972 as Sunrise Salvage. They salvaged antique house parts including doors, windows, light fixtures as well as original plumbing from Victorian homes being raised in the San Francisco Bay area. But before long, the company recognized the growing appreciation for old homes and recreated itself as a manufacturer of antique reproduction clawfoot bathtubs and faucets. They combine traditional designs with the dependability and functionality of modern plumbing enhancements. Today, Sunrise Specialty offers premium quality cast iron clawfoot tubs, cast iron pedestal tubs, clawfoot tub faucets, clawfoot tub showers, and plumbing for cast iron bathtubs. In addition to Sunrise Specialty's large selection of freestanding bathtubs, this reputable company is also one of the few suppliers of pull chain high tank toilets. Shop 4 Classics proudly offers Sunrise Specialty's complete catalog of hand crafted period bathware.

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