Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Story of the Flag Pole Holder

For several years, Shop 4 Classics offered flag pole holders from Sign of the Crab. The flag pole holders weren't extremely popular but they weren't our niche either. As they did for many Americans, things changed drastically for the flag pole holder on September 11, 2001. After that tragic day, patriotism soared as did interest in the flag pole holder. It briefly became a best seller for Shop 4 Classics. Unfortunately, interest in the flagpole holder eventually waned and Sign of the Crab discontinued the flag pole holder several years later. However, the story of the flag pole holder does not end here. Shop 4 Classics recently began offering decorative hardware from IDH by St. Simons. Among the wide spectrum of architectural hardware is the glorious flag pole holder. The flagpole holders are offered in two sizes with your choice of popular finishes. Whether it be for Old Glory or to proudly display your school colors, you are sure to find a flag pole holder for your application.

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