Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Door Hardware a Sign of the Times (1700s through 1800s)

I’ve always appreciated changing styles of American architecture. Interestingly, door hardware offers a great reflection on the characteristics of the architectural trends of the time. Architecture of colonial America was generally simple and straight forward. Similarly, emphasis of door hardware design was placed primarily on functionality rather than style. Throughout the 1800’s a variety of very distinctive architectural styles went in and out of fashion. To varying degrees each of these styles included aspects inspired by earlier, namely European, architectural themes. The great Industrial Revolution brought about advances in technology that enabled the production of large quantities of relatively inexpensive door hardware with highly ornate designs. Further, the building boom spurred by a rising number of middle class home buyers in turn created great demand for this spectacular hardware. Below are a few examples of reproduction door hardware offered by Shop 4 Classics.

Egg-and-Dart Design

This reproduction door hardware by Nostalgic Warehouse features an egg-and-dart motif, a pattern that can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman architecture. This set also features a crystal glass knob. The use of glass knobs was a popular option for door hardware throughout the 1800s.

Neo-Classical Design

This Nostalgic Warehouse’s Victorian style doorplate set features an ornate Neo-Classical design. The Victorian period spanned from the mid 1800s to the 1900s. Homes built during this period typically had elaborate exteriors featuring distinct design elements from one of the several architectural movements of the time.

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