Friday, May 29, 2009

The Cialis Clawfoot Tub Faucet

We've all seen the commercials. An elderly (or middle-aged, depending on your perspective) enjoying a soak in a pair of clawfoot the middle of a field. Or on a cliff overlooking the sea. The location of the tub is not important. What is important to the majority of readers of this blog is the clawfoot tubs and the clawfoot tub faucets shown in the commercials. Soon after these commercials began to air, we started receiving the request for clawfoot tub faucets like the ones shown in the Cialis commercials. Fortunately, one of our manufacturers, Sign of the Crab, anticipated the demand and offers the Hodder clawfoot tub faucets. Below you will find links to the Hodder tub faucets as well as links to a few of the many Sign of the Crab cast iron clawfoot tubs available at Shop 4 Classics. So thank you Cialis. Among other things, we assume, you have helped to revitalize an interest in antique clawfoot tub faucets and clawfoot tubs.

Rim-Mounted Hodder Clawfoot Tub Singles:

Wall-Mounted Mounted Hodder Clawfoot Tub Singles:

Sign of the Crab (Strom Plumbing) Cast Iron Tubs:

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Primer on Vent Covers

Upgrading dull floor grates is a great way to enhance floors in your home. Replacing floor grates is an easy process that requires minimal tools or skill. The most important thing to remember when ordering a floor grate is to measure the size of the opening that you intend to cover.

Another important thing to consider is the type of floor grate. Floor grate generically refers to the decorative cover on a vent (i.e., duct opening). There are two types of floor grates:

Registers are floor grates that are typically used on forced air ducts. They have a pre-attached damper or set of louvers to help control airflow. For example, the damper can be closed to avoid heating or cooling a room that isn't used.

Air return grilles are floor grates that are normally used on air return ducts. Grilles do not have pre-attached louvers. Louver assemblies can be used with grilles so that the grille they can be used on forced air ducts to provide airflow control.

Grilles and registers are offered in many styles, materials, and finishes. Below is a sample of the many offerings at

Cast Iron Registers by Reggio Registers:

Solid Bronze Registers by Classic Grills and Hamilton Sinkler, respectively:

Solid Brass Registers by Hamilton Sinkler and Brass Elegans, respectvely:

Wood Registers by Tailor Vents:

Antique Reproduct Baseboard Registers by Mission Metalworks:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Odd Day

Today, 5/7/09, is an odd day. It is odd because today's date is one of only six in this century that will have three odd numbers in sequence in consecutive ascending order (i.e., 5, 7, 09). It is also odd because today we post the first entry to our blog. We may be late to the party but we sell vintage products so in some strange way, it is fitting (no pun intended) for us to be behind the times. We hope you will find future entries more relevant or at least more interesting. Thank you for visiting the Shop 4 Classics blog!